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Investing in the local arts ecology

Dance Associate

Theatre Royal Plymouth in partnership with the Dance Consortium

A role which hopes to empower the local dance landscape by taking advantage of international dance companies performing at the Theatre Royal. Creating opportunities from wrap-around workshops to response pieces for students, discounted tickets to career development and paid projects for freelancers. This role also offers 1:1 tutorials.

Movement Mentor

Mentoring Scheme at the Barbican Theatre Plymouth.

This role enables new freelancers to take advantage of space, discussions and professional development sessions as well as being appointed a specialist mentor to support and help navigate early career artists.


Movement Mentoring

This role supports those in the local community who wish to develop in areas such as understanding the freelance landscape, reflection and navigation regarding career paths and choreography and movement material support for assessments or platforms.


Shannon Done

Charlie is currently my mentor at Barbican Theatre and is helping me complete an assistant training programme alongside my university studies. Throughout this programme, Charlie has given exquisite guidance as a mentor as well as the vital assurance that I am on the right path in becoming a valued freelance dance practitioner - all of which is a result of her determination and commitment in helping me through the early stages of my career. 

Thanks to her mentoring, I have already been able to take part in a professional workshop led by NDT2 and build professional relationships with practitioners to benefit my networking and collaborative skills as a community-based artist. 

I am truly grateful to have Charlie as my mentor. As a result of her skillful and intuitive approach to mentoring I am now able to further challenge myself as an artist and push the boundaries of my own expectations and outlook on life. I feel 100% confident in progressing successfully throughout my career and I would recommend Charlie to anyone wanting a mentor.

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