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Bringing characters to life through movement


Dance & Theatre

Charlie is an experienced and confident practitioner, able to work with a range of ages from Key Stage 1&2, through to college students and those studying at degree level. She is comfortable tailoring and designing sessions with different learning styles and abilities in mind and is exceptional at creating safe spaces where participates can collaborate creatively and find their voice. She has worked in numerous contexts and her ability to blend dance, physical theatre and drama together adds to her tool kit whilst delivering.



Charlie is highly skilled at movement direction which supports the creative decisions of the director and aligns with the vision of a piece. Charlie defines, tweaks and accentuates transitions, cues, exits and entrances, contact, perspective, body language, focus as well as highlighting physicality to enrich atmosphere, era and the audiences experience. She also believes in the importance of training the body for actors such as improving stamina and fitness, movement memory and understanding the fundamentals of the body in a performance space.


Movement for Actors

Charlie is accomplished at communicating the importance of the body, its impact on performance, its positive ability to support actors on stage and the nuances that change a moment from average to contently present. Charlie can support the process of a student especially in performing arts as well as dance to take note of what the body needs to continue in the industry, what the character might ask of the body or how the physicality of theatre enables a narrative to shine. Charlie tailors to the curriculum and very much to the students in the programme.


Dance & Theatre

Charlie has performed at Resolutions in London, The Fuse Festival in Kent, The Leatherhead Theatre in Guildford, The Drum & Lab at TRP in Plymouth, The Barbican Theatre and the Train to Christmas Town in Okehampton to name a few. Charlie has experience of being in a dance company, dancing for commissions and projects in a variety of spaces from Plaza's to stages, streets to churches. She has acted for Murder Mystery dinners, children's theatre and also performed as a deer in an interactive immersive grotto. Charlie has a zest for performing whether this is through dancing, acting or multidisciplinary.



Charlie has been teaching and therefore, choreographing since she was 17 years old. She has choreographed contemporary and street routines for children and young people, whole numbers for musicals and shows at secondary schools, phrases and motifs for university productions as well as choreographing in professional theatre pieces. She works with a number of artists and find ways to use movement to raise their voices.

Theatre Maker


Charlie co-created 'Whitleigh Under Water' for With Flying Colours in 2021 with colleague Alex Robins at Woodfield Primary, Plymouth. This year, she is in the same school creating a piece that will be shown at Four Greens Community Hub and the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth. She also received studio space at Oxford House Creative Hub with poetry artist Bernie Mol and produced 'We Are All Made of Stories' for the Exeter SEED Commission for Exeter Phoenix. Charlie writes, directs and performs to shape her artistic development and continue her journey as a theatre maker.

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