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Current profile

Charlie is currently working with the Theatre Royal, Plymouth Young Company Hub for Theatre in Saltash.Net Secondary School. She is also a ReBel Practitioner for The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth delivering dance training, mentoring dance freelancers and co-leading a multidisciplinary group which includes parkour, contemporary and hip hop. Alongside these workshops, Charlie works for The Barbican Theatre With Flying Colours team at High Street Primary. She also leads her own With Flying Colours project at Woodfield Primary.

Additional Training & Artistic Development

10th January 

Alleyne Dance 3 Month Artistic Programme - January to March

11th January

People Dancing: Perspectives on Practice Workshop - Dancing Gender: The impact of recreational dance on adolescent girls - Louise Marshall

6th &13th February

Warts & All Theatre, Freelance Consultancy Workshops with Chris Elmer-Gorry

7th March

Matthew Elliot-Campbell

Supported a dance workshop for City College Plymouth Level 3 Performing Arts Students. Matthew is currently in Bed-knobs and Broomsticks at TRP and taught a two hour workshop.

30th April

Breakin Convention at Sadlers Wells

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